Google’s Tablet to Cost $199?

Google Tablet
Google Tablet


A new source has confirmed the rumors of Google working on a 7″ tablet yet again and according to its information, the debut of the device is going to be held in just a couple of months and its price is going to be only $199. It’s very likely that the gadget, probably a modification of the Asus Eee MeMO Pad 370T, is going to be revealed at Google’s I/O conference this May, in order for the company to become a stronger competitor on the tablet market, where Apple are currently holding the first place.

The price shouldn’t be surprising – the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire (and to some extent the HP TouchPad and BlackBerry PlayBook) have already shown, that the user demand for cheaper tablets with somewhat powerful hardware is very high. According to another recent piece of information, the Google tablet is actually going to be sold for $149, but than again, it’s possible that there are going to be different versions of the device. B. A.

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