Google+ yet another social network?


Even though Wave was a failure and Buzz didn’t do much better, Google still hasn’t given up on the idea of having its own social network. It’s latest attempt is called Google+.This social network is made especially for easy on-the-go sharing,whilst surfing the Internet. It does resemble Facebook a bit, but it also has its own unique features – such as “Circles”. It allows you to group your friend so that you can for instance send an important business paper only to your colleagues and an invitation for a party only to you close friends – this way no one gets confused about “what you meant by this post”. Another cool feature is Hangout – it’s a group chat for you and up to 10 of your friends. So far the only way to register on Google+ is to get an invite as it is still a beta version. There is also a Google+ mobile app for Android and it will soon be followed by an iOS one.

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