Google Nexus Prime


Most of Android users know about Google’s own phone series – Nexus. The first device from that series was Google Nexus One and was produced by HTC. It was much succeeded smartphone and it is enough good to compare with some of nowadays phones. The second was named Samsung Nexus S and I think that it wasn’t so succeeded like the first Nexus One, because it resembled too much to Samsung Galaxy S. Now, it’s time for the third Google branded phone – there are some news about the new device spread in the internet and they said that the next Google Nexus will be produce by Samsung again, and maybe it will be named Nexus Prime. It will be powered by Android Ice Cream Sandwich and because that it’s buttons will be virtual, not hardware, the phone also will have Super AMOLED HD display. The “Brain” of Nexus Prime will be TI OMAP 4460 CPU. Sales are expected to start in the end of the year.

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