Google’s Android Invades the UK

Local sales of Android smart phones are rising in the UK. According to reports, the Android smart phone has been able to invade one fifth of all smart phones used locally, and the number is continuously growing.

Thanks to the new devices from HTC, Sony Ericsson and Google, more and more people are choosing to have Android devices for their next smart phone. The smart phone boom of today can be primarily blamed on the fact that access to the internet has become a much needed since the rise of Facebook and Twitter –with millions of people hoping to be able to check new updates and send Tweets on the fly, there has been a greater need for good smart phones (before that, it was the business industry that helped the growth of companies such as BlackBerry and Palm).

Why not the Apple iPhone? Despite the fact that the Apple contender is well known and is pretty stylish on its own way, the device is expensive yet old technology. Even the apps will squeeze you dry of funds. While the Android Marketplace will also charge you or some premium applications, there are plenty of add-ons that are free and are far more useful than the free novelty apps in the App store.

HTC’s Android offerings comprise of the Desire and the Legend. The Desire has gotten plenty of attention for having a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a 3.7 inch AMOLED touch screen and of course, the Android operating system. The Legend is the successor of the HTC Hero and also has an AMOLED touch screen.

Of course, Vodafone has also started offering the Google branded Nexus One and is selling the device directly from their online store (as opposed to having it exclusively available in Google’s online shop). Aside from having impressive hardware, the Nexus One also has advanced voice recognition software that allows for voice to text and voice activated queries. To find the best HTC Desire contracts visit Moby1 today. Moby1 is the best place to look for mobile phone deals for Android phones like the Desire and also Google Nexus One contracts.

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