G-Config – (Configurator for the new SensorSDK 4)

As is usual with these things, the new HTC Diamond 2 ROM has brought with it many software updates which have trickled down, courtesy of XDA-Developers, to older devices.

One such improvement is the new G-sensor accelerometer service, which now allows one to enable rotation of applications by simply adding the windows class to a list in the registry.

While this is a lot simpler than running larger apps like Gsen, and should be more reliable because it does not require any 3rd party apps, finding our the window class of your favourite app is not that simple.

G-Config by makeveral solves this problem by allowing one to add applications to the registry list rather simply. One only need to run the G-Config, remove the stylus and insert it when the app in question is in the foreground. After the app is added to the list G-Config is no longer needed and can be closed.

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