French Live TV for Windows Mobile – France 24

This program offers live TV and video downloads in English, French and Arabic. If you fancy French culture, then this application will be a treat for you, but apart from that they deliver plenty of international news too, so it might be of interest to everybody…

Launched on December 2006, FRANCE 24 is the new 24/7 international news channel. Its mission is to cover international current events from a French perspective and to convey French values throughout the world.

With Mobiclip, watch FRANCE 24 live and view FRANCE 24’s flagship programs using our Video on Demand service: latest news bulletin, weather forecast, business bulletin and culture news.

Mobiclip is a free video application you can download for free on your mobile phone.

We have tested this LIVE TV and we have compared it to the live broadcast of France 24 from the satellite Astra 28 and there is only 5-11 seconds delay, so indeed it is LIVE TV! Note: apart from French things also international and American content is covered in this channel. To load this LIVE TV program please visit, with use of Microsoft Internet Explorer inside of your Windows Mobile phone, this address:

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