Free GPS turn by turn navigation for Windows Phone 7

A-to-B is a Turn-by-Turn application built to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the ArcGIS API for Windows Phone 7.

Warning: The application is meant for demonstration purposes only! Do not rely solely on the suggested routes or instructions given by this application. Features: – Turn-by-turn routing. Sound notification when a turn is coming up. – Add often used destinations as favorites. – List of recent destinations. – “3D view” when in navigation mode with easy accessible “zoom in/out” buttons. – 2D Map for browsing the map supporting pinching, panning etc, and pick new destination by touch’n’hold on the map. – Easy accessible “Recalculate” button if you go off the route and need a new route from your current location (because of service restrictions, the app is not allowed to do this automatically). – Routes all over US (support for Europe coming in a future version). – Worldwide map (detail may vary).


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