Free apps from Android market

Android Market app store is another flagship of Android. No less than 50 thousand applications you can find at Android Market. But because of its open application, Android Market is predicted to grow very rapidly and may exceed the Apple Store that has collected more than 240 thousand applications. Several free applications you can get at Android Market include the following:

Call center for Android
These applications will provide a special service contacts for mobile operators. The information provided includes number of call centers, website address, and email from customer service. All GSM operators are integrated by this application.

ASTRO Manager
By default Android File Manager application has not been completed. But not a problem for Android, because at the Android Market applications, there is so much content manager application for download. The choice of this application because of the features and facilities there are quite complete, such as applications to open the file compression, function as task manager, perform backups, and some kind of applications you use frequently.

Advanced Task Manager Free
Like most SMARTPHONES, Android can also perform multitasking in which multiple applications can work simultaneously at the same time. Usually if this application has been used, the phone using the Android operating system will feel slower and decreased performance. To cope with this sort of thing, then you can download Task Manager Application.

News Robs
News Robs is an application used to receive RSS for Google Reader. In fact this application is a paid application, but the free application of this system is powerful enough too used. News Robs freeware version can synchronize automatically or periodically. In addition, we can also manage content on the articles received, such as text, images, and several other applications.

VOIP and Chat
If your Android phone equipped with unlimited Internet package, why not use VOIP to make phone calls for free? In the Android Market, you can try FRING which are free. The advantage of this application compared to other VOIP applications is the ability to make video calls. While you chat you can use MEEBO, EBUDDY, PALRINGO, Instant Messaging, or other applications that are readily available in the Android Market.

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