Foobar2000 remote control for Windows Mobile

foobar windows mobile

Here is a a web service server based on the foo_comserver2 foobar plugin and a Windows Mobile client that access the server over Wi-Fi.

They offer:
– basic playback control (play, stop, pause, next, previous)
– playlists listing and selecting
– selected playlist track listing
– media library access as a author/album/track tree
– media library search
– filling a playlist with albums or tracks from the media library

The client supports touch scrolling and (optionally) rotation.

Note that they are not commercial grade software (no installer, no configuration utility, the client is fairly dependent on HTC HD2 hardware) but
– the HTC HD2 is fairly common and the client might run on similar WVGA devices
– the server is more general and many tools can develop applications that interface to a web service
– full source code is included

Server requirements
.NET framework V3.5
– foobar2000 V1.1.5 (or later) with these plugins
– foo_comserver2 V0.7
– foo_runcmd V1.1
– foo_playlist_attributes V0.3.0

Client requirements
– .NET compact framework 3.5
– HTC HD2 (or something very similar)
– optionally (required for rotation support) TouchLockPro 2.12.8 with GSensor
enabled (


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