Flash on the today screen by using ThrottleLauncher

To use the flash you only need to have installed ThrottleLauncher and flash player on your device. With this you will be able to include almost any flash movie on your today screen!

For the test setup (that’s attached) I’ve used TWolf flash located here:

How to include Flash inside throttle setups

You can include a flash on a row place inside any throttle launcher setup by using this code inside a page tag:

<throttleplugin name=”Reloj” path=”#$THROTTLE#\Plugins\Flash\FlashPlugin.dll” height=”200″ class=”FlashPlugin.FlashThrottlePlugin”>
<param name=”movie” value=”#$THROTTLE#/Setups/TwolfHomus/Homus.swf”/>
<param name=”backgroundpath” value=”#$THROTTLE#\Setups\TwolfHomus\fundo.jpg”/>
<param name=”width” value=”240″/>

Note that:
– You can use flashvars param to pass the flash some info.
– By using the special param backgroundpath throttle will automatically save the background to the target file in jpg format.
– By using the width param you warrant the aspect ratio of the flash.
– The height and width will be automatically x2 in VGA devices.

Here you have a sample of a setup containing only a flash (no other things, just flash).
To install it:
– just uncompress the zip file on your ThrottleLauncher\Setups folder
-go to ThrottleConfig (startmenu > programs> ThrottleConfig) and select TwolfHomus on the combo box.
– Click on reload plugin.

To see a sample of including the plugin inside throttle check the config.xml file. And if you want to include any other just open that xml file and change the height values accordingly.

Original source and downloads

Author: APBilbo

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