Flash 10 coming to Windows Mobile

he recent release of the emulator of Internet Explorer 6 Mobile brought quite a few disappointments, not the least of which was the revelation that the Flash integration in fact relied on Flash Lite 3.1, which, being based on Flash 8, proved rather incapable when it comes to accessing most Flash functions on the internet, which usually demanded at least Flash 9.

Now, according to MobileCrunch, Adobe is planning to demonstrate Flash Player 10 running on Windows Mobile at its Adobe Max developer conference today.

Product manager Michele Turner told MobileCrunch:

We will be showing the first delivery of Flash on mobile phones, on other platforms. You will see it on Windows Mobile.

Adobe will also be announcing a closer collaboration with ARM to optimize the software to work better on ARM-powered devices, which may relieve our concerns regarding the usability of the software on our devices.

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