First WP Mango device may come this August


It seems that the first WP Mango device is going to be released pretty soon and will most likely come from Toshiba-Fujitsu. According to Nikkei the IS12T may even come before the official release of Windows Phone Mango planned for this Fall (Microsoft have said WP Mango may even be ready by September). The device was shown at  WPC 2011 and looked a lot like the Toshiba Regza T-01C. It is expected to have a 4″ display and a 12MP camera and like all WP Mango devices it will be equipped with the second generation Snapdragon processors. Meanwhile, Toshiba-Fujitsu and Microsoft have sent invitations to the official presentation of the IS12T on 27.07 . It will be the first Windows Phone device in Japan and the first WP Mango device worldwide. B.A.

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