First Nokia phones with Windows Phone 7 in Q3 this year

Nokia will not use the current version of the Microsoft’s mobile platform, but the next version called Mango. Indeed, last week Stephen Ilap very carefully mention Windows Phone in its comments, instead of Windows Phone 7. Of course, Mango is only a working title of the version of Windows Phone 7, which we expect to occur in October. According to Mary Jo Fuli from ZDNet, the update, which will appear in the autumn, will be called Windows Phone 7.5 and will bring HTML5 support to the platform. Ilap declined to give terms in which we can expect to see the first phones from Nokia with Windows Phone, but he said that mass production will start in 2012, we hope then that before the end of 2011 the two companies can show us at least a prototype, so we can sleep safely during the holidays 🙂

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