Firefox OS ROM for HTC HD2

Firefox OS ROM for HTC HD2

Firefox OS ROM for HTC HD2

Here is the first Firefox OS ROM ported to “the best” phone ever, of course – we are talking about the HTC HD2 😀

In fact, that’s the first Firefox OS ROM port ever, thanks to feherneoh from XDA-Developers. It’s based on the NexusHD2-ICS ROM and uses tytung-ics kernel with modified ramdisk. Of course, the Firefox OS ROM is in very early alpha stage and it’s for testing only.

What’s working:

  • Mobile network (SIM not detected correctly, but STK apps are loaded)
  • Sound (works, but with very low volume)
  • Camera (sometimes it works)
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi and Marketplace

This is a NativeSD ROM and can be installed from recovery, you can find the kernel in “BootHD2Gecko” folder on /sdcard, in case you are using cLK, use NativeSD-TWRP to install the extracted kernel. After the Firefox logo you will get a black screen, it’s normal – just wait a minute and the GUI will appear.

Download + more info

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