Extendir – speed up your Windows Mobile up to 12 times faster

Extendir is a file system filter driver that significantly increases the performance of your Pocket PC, in specific situations even up to 12 times as fast and faster… Just cook it in to your rom and of you go!

But Extendir has also a very nice bonus feature: it can extend your windows directory!
Every file (not folder) that will be installed in the folder “\Extendir\WinDir” or in any one of its subfolders will get a virtual alias in the windows folder. When the OS request the file from the windows folder, it will be redirected to the real location of the file without the OS ever knowing about it.

For example:
When Manila is loaded, the OS thinks all the (900+) files are in the windows folder while the real files are installed in 30 subfolders of the folder “\Extendir\WinDir\Manila”, like this:
\Windows\manila.exe -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila24\ manila.exe
\Windows\68820878_manila -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila02\ 68820878_manila
\Windows\57ad503f_manila -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila17\ 57ad503f_manila
\Windows\7fc62a3c_manila -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila28\ 7fc62a3c_manila

But it could also be like this:
\Windows\manila.exe -> \ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila24\ manila.exe
\Windows\68820878_manila -> \Windows\68820878_manila
\Windows\57ad503f_manila -> \Storage Card\ Extendir\WinDir\Manila\Manila17\ 57ad503f_manila
\Windows\7fc62a3c_manila -> (Cooked in rom)

This makes it possible to cook roms with 500 or less files in it, while all the other files/apps/etc. will be installed on first boot or later.
Which will bring me to the next application I’ve created:

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