E-dating Mobile apps: Fueling a pocketable lover trend

Naturalists may not feel strongly for use of technology such as smart cell phones and social networking sites, while thinking of a special dating relationship. They could end up some times with a tale, black eyes and bruises. Smart applications have definitely changed that aspect of life. Releasing old patterns is the new found biz. Behind gaming, the largest category of iOS and Android’s social networking within different categories of mobile apps. And that is hugely dominated by e-dating apps. Their popularity and extent of usage have the potential make these apps the smart phone’s second most wanted application.
Indeed people are ready to move towards attracting the ideal love relationship without having to move far and out. Single adults, nowadays, like to find their partners with the help of their smart phones. As dating apps for smart phones are by no means hard to lay one’s hands upon, they can now pocket their adored ones easily. The trend is in upward direction. OK Cupid and a host of similar service providers have integrated location based dating into iOS and Android applications. That is really telling the business viability of online dating sites. Young lovers are sliding away from their circle. Flurry, the apps analytics company claimed recently that e-dating mobile apps designed for iOS and Android really hold the ground. But studies in social behavior reveal that dating and mating ritual sans beer and bar even when conversing with one’s date is turning love into a consumer product and a mere game too.
Flurry prepared a report on the amount of time spent on e-dating mobile apps and web on desktops. It shows that in the month of June this year, singletons spent an average 8.4 minutes per day. That was 3.7 minutes per day in June 2010. However, time spent on dating sites has come down 8.4 minutes per day a year back to 8.3 minutes per day now. So, it seems that the future of dating industry now lies in mobile platforms.
They sought the reason and got the answer that dating is most liked when it has a local feel. While desktop internet sites are about things around the world, smart phones combine both local and global. The experience gets widely reported. Thus, the number of users grows. As man is born free, he loves to just roam around and yet feel like being at push-a-button-far from their dearest ones. Mobile apps make that happen just that way. One really feels like having a sweetheart in the pocket. It feels a bit like shopping around electronics.

Yet, e-dating has to have a charm of its own as it provides easy engagement for the mutual users. They come back and run the app more. The average users, even till last year, were not certain about e-dating apps. They used it just two times per day and spent less than two minutes each time. Flurry’s data says, it’s over 5 times a day now but for shorter periods of time, about 1.5 minutes per session.
Now, just see what precious sweet nonsensical patterns have developed among the users of such services. One out of three Americans can give up sex for a week but don’t ask them to sacrifice their smartphone. An indulgence liked only for business consideration. Then, it’s claimed that 83 percent of brave iPhone users are prone to think that only iPhone can be paired with for a romantic dating.

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