Do You Need Help Ordering At Starbucks?

Coffee drinking has come a long way, and now there are so many amenities that you can choose from in your cup of Joe! For your home use, you have home espresso makers, Bunn coffee filters, home coffee makers, and even stovetop espresso brewers. However, all of those wonderful features cease to exist when you step into the door at Starbucks…

Now if you have the iPhone, you can download the Espresso Pro app to help you create espresso drinks to order at Starbucks. If you have ever experienced extreme confusion reading the Starbucks menu, then you are going to be happy you have downloaded this application. This app will give you the information you need to be a seasoned barista. You can select your drink and customize your beverage within the app for personalized choices. This will allow you to create your own adventurous new drink, and it also will let you save your trusty favorite so that you can directly show it to the Starbucks barista so that there is no confusion upon ordering. This is something that will help you remember your espresso drink exactly as you like it to guarantee a delicious cup of Joe every time!

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