DiceBox for Windows Phone 7

DiceBox, by Bonehead Software, brings realistic 3D dice rolling to your Windows Phone 7.

Choose from a variety of dice models that seemingly leap out of your screen as you roll them using the simple and intuitive controls – or even by shaking your phone!

DiceBox uses state of the art physics to accurately simulate your dice rolls; watch as they collide and tumble under gravity, bouncing off the sides of your phone.


* Realistic physics and 3D graphics
* 6 types of dice, including poker dice and yes/no dice
* Touch and fling the dice with your finger
* Roll up to 10 dice at a time
* Real time dice scoring

New in DiceBox 1.1

* Scoring for poker dice and yes/no dice
* Shadow effects and changeable backgrounds
* Dice flicking
* Even better physics and animation
* Improved sound

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