Custom transparent sliders for HTC Touch Pro2 with Manila and Sense 2.5.1922

All sliders are for Manila/Sense 2.5.1922 and will only work with 2.5.1922 as it finally has working landscape mode. Please know what version of Manila/Sense you are using before installing these sliders. Also, please uninstall any custom sliders you have installed before installing a new one.

If you wish to remove the top and bottom curtains please use the No Curtains cab as it works with 2.5.1922 and transparent sliders.

Token 2.5.1922 Slider

Primo 2.5.1922 Slider

Blossom 2.5.1922 Slider

Glossy Black 2.5.1922 Slider
(note: icons are transparent, no white color inside the icons. will be hard to see with black background)

Black Box 2.5.1922 Slider
(note: icons are filled in with white and not transparent)

Colorful Stickers 2.5.1922 Slider

Way Out There 2.5.1922 Slider

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