Control AR.Drone with your Android phone or tablet

In Berlin, the European exhibition devoted to electronics, we could not miss the French manufacturer Parrot and it’s AR Drone. This is a small helicopter with four engines and a lot of technology, led by none other than a smartphones.

In fact, Parrot AR Drone is a quadricopter with cameras and a wi-fi network that allows you to control all its functions within 50 meters. The controller is just your iPhone, and thanks to developers and third-party software, now there is support for Android and other mobile platforms. However, official support to the Google’s platform comes now, with the app and its SDK released by Parrot.

After Symbian, in fact, the French company issuing the official application for all devices equipped with Android 2.2, and a tool for developers to bring specific interactions such as augmented reality. Parrot AR.FreeFlight for Android is free for download.

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