CeBIT 2009 – HTC Stand

On picture above you can see a balloon with HTC logo on it that was floating at CeBIT 2009 over big stand of Brightpoint distributor, that was hosting at CeBIT 2009 a very big sub-stand of HTC, smaller (!) sub-stand of Nokia and even smaller sub-stand of LG. Interestingly both HTC and Nokia were not having their own stands at CeBIT 2009, and they both used Brightpoint. What is even more impressive: HTC actually has beaten Nokia in size, and HTC had at least 2 times more stand space than Nokia…

While entering the venue of CeBIT, we couldn’t help but notice a big banner with HTC Touch HD, at the remote entrance to CeBIT (near Sky Walk):

At HTC stand several contemporary models of HTC phones were presented, including HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Pro, S740, etc etc as well as accessories for them and 2 phones powered by Google Android (which are outside of the scope of this website). Since the only really new (i.e. announced but yet not released) item was HTC Touch Diamond 2, then let’s take a closer look at it!HTC Touch Diamond 2 is like HTC Touch Diamond but a bit bigger than HTC Touch Diamond and a bit smaller than iPhone 3G (new diamond is in the middle):

… and here new HTC Touch Diamond 2 compared to old one (new one on the right):

… and here new HTC Touch Diamond 2 compared to iPhone 3G (HTC Touch Diamond 2 has display size approximately the same as iPhone but it has 2.5 times more pixels):

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