Bluetooth Headsets – the use of multipoint and multiuse in them

We’ve been looking pretty closely at Bluetooth Headsets this week and the use of multipoint and multiuse in them and there’s three here which we don’t think enough people know about or appreciate.
jabra wave headset
The first is the Jabra Wave – this is one of the most stylish and discreet bluetooth headsets, but does have a longer mic than most, meaning it reduces wind noise and makes calls a lot clearer.  The wave also uses multiuse so you can connect it to two devices at once – so it’s great for work and play.  It’s in stock now costing £39.99.
Sony Ericsson MW600

Another great bluetooth headset which uses multipoint is the Sony Ericsson MW600 – measuring the same as a battery this headset kind of does it all and even allows you to plug in your own headphones for ultimate comfort.  It handles your calls, plays music, has it’s own FM radio and streams everything wirelessly.  The MW600 is an amazing tiny headset compatible with most handsets – even better it’s under £40.

Plantronics Voyager PRO HD
The final bluetooth headset we think is the best that you can get – it’s the Plantronics Voyager PRO HD. This headset has Smart Sensor technology to help to decide whether to divert a call to the headset or your phone; it knows when to turn itself on or off; it streams music and audio from your phone, is multipoint and uses Wind Smart Technology to help block out wind noise.  It really is an impressive bluetooth headset, costing £64.95.


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