BlackBerry Touch Monaco hands-on review

This time we can see pictures of the phone, thanks to the website BoyGeniusReport, and according to accompanying information, the BlackBerry Touch Monaco will be available as part of the Storm series of RIM. In fact, Monaco is the codename for the phone network Verizon, while the GSM version for the rest of the world is known as the Monza. The phone is likely to be sold under the name BlackBerry Touch, but this information has yet to be confirmed officially. This model works with BlackBerry OS 6.1, but as part of the new version of the platform, users will now use the BlackBerry ID login, instead of PIN code as usual. The idea is that this will facilitate the work of different services to keep a backup copy of the information in your phone that will be based online. Expected premier of the BlackBerry Monaco / Monza be in May at the event BlackBerry World.


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