BlackBerry OS 6.0 leaked pictures

Pictures which show what we can expect from BlackBerry OS 6.0, came at the right time.  Although RIM’s phones are the best for dealing with emails, their browsers are not so good. It seems that the company was thrown pretty hard to change this, your browser has revised primary – will have to switch tabs, and new favorites multitouch. There are some beautiful visual elements like the use of Translucency in switching tabs. Media player is also upgraded, but we can not understand what we expect only a few photos, RIM are inserted and kinetic scrolling in all applications – browser, phonebook, emails, etc. By multitach will be able to zoom in out web pages and photos.

RIM’s platform is ideal for business users, but more improvements need to launch the competition. Android 2.1 and iPhone OS 4.0 show that takes visual features and intuitive interface, to fight the competition. However, RIM retained its attention mainly on business, since there comes a large part of the profits of the company.

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