Best features of Windows Phone 7

Smartphones market is currently one of the most booming markets. New technologies are being introduced here every now and then. In the running competition of iPhone and Android phones, there is new strong competitor arrived offering Windows Phones 7. Due to the great features and high end quality Microsoft’s Windows Phones 7 is grabbing its position in the market. If you are looking to buy a new smart phone, then you must consider Windows phone 7. So, today we are going to discover the top features of Windows phone 7, which will make you to think about it again. So, let’s jump into the stunning cool features of Windows seven phones.

Outlook & Hardware

Windows Phone 7 got the gorgeous and sleek outlook in comparison with some other smart phones. One of the competitive advantage of Windows Phone 7 is they support high end hardware specifications. So, smart phone manufacturers can offer high configuration phones with cool design which has high user demand in the market.


This new Windows Phone 7 is lot different than its previous versions of windows mobile operating system. They have worked long to bring a complete new experience to their users. Users will get smooth and faster navigation with new Windows Phone 7 OS. For example there is no longer check boxes, radio buttons, dropdowns etc. It is clearly visible that this version is a complete paradigm shift from previous versions of Windows Mobile.


How about experiencing complete features of Zune inside your smart phone? Now it’s possible with Windows Phone 7. You will be able to listen music just like Zune and watch the Zune HD videos in your phone. In fact there is more, you can listen music and watch video live from internet with 3G and wifi. It’s time to get ready for a true experience of entertainment.


There is a tough war going in between smart phones in regards of gaming. Smart phones have opened the door of gaming anywhere to its users. They can play games with great graphics and easy to control features while they are on a move. In order to give a tough competition in current gaming market, Windows Phone 7 has brought the complete integration with Xbox live. Now you are able to browse Live Spotlight and gamers profile with Windows Phone 7.


Capturing the moments and viewing them anytime has never been easier than before with the help of smart phones. Windows Phone 7 brings this experience into a new level. With support of better megapixel cameras users are able to keep any moment live for as long as they want. It is easy to browse Facebook and Windows Live photo albums apart from your own photo albums inside the phone.
So far we have observed important features of Windows Phone 7. As a smartphone user, we have our own preference to chose phones. Also it is sometimes influenced by our profession and personality. But Windows 7 Phones are such a nice gadget, that it will fit with every type of smartphone users and they will definitely love to use it.

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