authenticator app for Windows Mobile

WinAuth is an open-source Windows version of the Authenticator, similar to the Mobile Authenticators for iPhone and Android that are used to secure World of Warcraft and Starcraft accounts.

WinAuth uses the same algorithm as the Mobile Authenticator for Android, and so generates the same codes when using the same serial number and secret key. One of the reasons to write it was to remove the dependency on having the phone available, but still use the same codes. However, to you must be able to extract the key from the phone to be able to run it as a duplicate. You can only run winauth as a backup to a rooted (hacked) Android phone, as you need to be able to read the Mobile Authenticator’s private keys. You cannot read the private keys from non-rooted Android phones nor from iPhones.


  • Register a new Authenticator for US or EU
  • Load/save/create multiple authenticators, saved with encryption
  • Load copy of your Android Mobile Authenticator
  • Displays code as bitmap making it harder to be read by malicious apps
  • Auto/manual time-sync with servers
  • Auto-refresh code showing code’s valid duration or manual operation by pressing button
  • Always on top option
  • Optional auto “copy to clipboard” on code generation
  • Show/hide serial number
  • Auto type directly into code field on hitting a single system-wide hotkey
  • Send backups of authenticator data to your email


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