BattClock 3.7 and Cell Tower Monitor for Windows Mobile

BattClock 3.7:

  • Show Time and Battery percentage above the top bar (default)
  • Time in format HH:MM or H:MM or with other separator, 12 hour or 24 hour clock
  • Date in format DD-MM or MM-DD or with other separator and with or without leading zeros
  • 3 Freely configurable Date/Time formats including week number, month name, day name, seconds, PM/AM
  • Free memory percentage indicator or MB, updated once per second, great to see if you have memory leaks!
  • Free disk space in MB for phone storage or flash storage card
  • CPU percentage indicator, updated once per second, great to see how much work your phone has to do!
  • CPU Frequency, thanks to NetRipper (great on HD2). Supported phones: Leo/Raphael/Diamond/Topaz/Rhodium/Blackstone/Whitestone and phones having QualComm processor MSM7200, MSM7201 or Snapdragon processor QSD8250, QSD8650.
  • Battery indicator in percentage, indication if charging (default battery percentage character % is changed into tilde character ~)
  • Battery Current in mA
  • Battery Current Force in mA, updated once per second. Note that non-cached values are asked, so the battery driver may give more up-to-date values, but may also drain more battery
  • Battery Temperature in Celsius degrees
  • Battery Voltage in mV
  • Battery Wattage in mW

Cell Tower Monitor:

  • Option to monitor Mobile data (GSM/GPRS/3G/HDSPA), possibility to display/log/stripe.
  • Option to monitor the nearest cell tower with your phone using GSM.

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