Autocad WS for Android and iOS gets update

We are very happy to announce the update of one of the most revolutionary mobile applications in recent times – Autocad WS mobile app, productivity software for smartphones and tablets dedicated to students and professionals. Autodesk has released just a few days ago the new version – Autocad WS 1.3 for all Android and iOS devices.

This update significantly improves the management of their CAD drawings, offering many new features not only on-screen but also for drawing. The new version of Autocad WS for Android and iOS implements some new stuff, the drawing and editing documents will benefit from new features such as the input of the measures expressed in the desired units, the ability to accurately measure the areas of design and better file management.

A true expression of mobile productivity year, after the introduction of the first office suite for smartphones. Autocad WS is freeware and can be downloaded via the direct links on the App Store and Android Market.

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