Asus reporting shortage of Snapdragon processors

Snapdragon processors
Snapdragon processors


Qualcomm already announced, that they might have troubles supplying enough of their mobile processors, but back then most people though it would be quite a while before this shortage was felt on the smartphone/tablet market. Asus, though, have already confirmed, that there are not enough processors currently available and that has even forced the company to push back the release of the PadFone yet again.

This may turn out to be just the beginning, though, because about 40% of the smart mobile devices, which are currently on the market, are using Qualcomm’s chips and while HTC may have a bit of an advantage (because Qualcomm own a small percentage of the Taiwanese company) , it’s still unknown what’s going to happen with the rest of the manufacturers. Their options at the time being are down to just two: to use processors from another company – for example TI or ST-Ericsson, or to use older Qualcomm ones. We, however, are really hoping they don’t choose the second option, because this would really slow down the technological development in the whole sector. B. A.


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