Asus Mypal A6x6 WM6.5 custom ROM

Asus Mypal A6x6 WM6.5 version 4
Windows CE version 5.2.21911 (Build 21911.5.0.94)

This was tested on an Asus Mypal A626 (and works). It should work with the A686/A696, but the other models were not tested. Any other models NOT mentioned above WILL NOT WORK.

1. new compression type
3. os build
4. bug fixes

Before you do anything, make sure you have at least a 256mb SD card and a card reader (you can get one at a place like Radio Shack or Office Depot). You also need to install winrar (found at Your SD card must be formatted with the FAT16 file system.

To format your SD Card with the FAT16 file system

Step 1: To do this insert the SD Card into the reader and go to “My Computer”.
Step 1a: BACKUP YOUR FILES before you start!!
Step 2: Right-click the drive letter of the SD Card reader (differs for each computer, probably either E:\ or F:\ or G:\) and click “Format”.
Step 2a: Don’t worry about any of the options except for file system, choose “FAT”
Step 3: Click “Start” and wait until it is done

Step 1: Get (OS) rom image
Step 2: Extract files to any folder on hard drive using Winrar
Step 3: Go to the folder where you extracted the files in the RAR archive
Step 4: Make sure that the filename is “CANNES_A_WM6.img”
Step 4a: if the img file it’s not exactly “CANNES_A_WM6.img”, rename it to that
Step 5: Format the SD card if you haven’t already done so using the instructions above
Step 6: Copy the img file to the SD card, see step 6a
Step 6a: Make sure that the img file is the ONLY file on the SD card after formatting
Step 7: Take SD Card out of SD Card reader and put it in the a6x6
Step 8: Make sure that the a6x6 is plugged in via ac adapter before doing the next few steps
Step 9: activate SD Loader using the following instructions {
Step 9a: Hold down the power button and enter button (that’s the button in the center of the d-pad)
Step 9b: Double tap the soft reset button while holding the other 2 buttons
Step 9c: After double tapping the soft reset button, keep the other 2 buttons held until a blue screen comes up that says something like Asus Cannes flashing utility
Step 9d: Wait until the process is finished (it’s near the end when it says “writing private”)
Step 10: At this point, your a6x6 should reboot on its own
Step 11: enjoy your updated rom


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