Asus EeePad Transformer – tablet or netbook?

Writing on iPad’s touchscreen keyboard is not that difficult, but many people prefer to use the physical keyboard. Especially for them, here is the new tablet Asus EeePad Transformer, which is a combination of 10-inch Android tablet dock and a keyboard that has it’s own battery. The whole kit cost a little more than iPad 2, but if you do not need a keyboard dock price will be significantly less.


At first glance, this looks like a tablet of a new model of netbook from ASUS. Corps has a slight brownish tinge. Cover the entire building is protected from fingerprints, light and is convenient. This tablet is 10.7×6.9×0.5 – inch sizes – the same size as  Acer A500 and slightly larger than the Motorola Xoom. It weighs just over 500 grams. – About 100g. less than its two competitors from Acer and Motorola.


On the left side is the power button and buttons for volume adjustment, headphone jack and the right edge of the mini HDMI port and microSD slot. On the bottom is a 40-pin connector for connection to the keyboard or power. The keyboard has the same 40-pin connector and the left USB port is located. Another USB port can be found on the right edge of the keyboard and furthermore, there is also another the SDHC memory card slot.


Asus EeePad Transformer‘s LCD is 10.1-inch  with resolution of 1280h800 pixels + IPS technology, which is used in iPad displays to improve the viewing angle. Compared with both Motorola Xoom, both tablets gives equally clear and deep image, the only difference might be the fingerprints which EeePad owns. Compared with the A500, EeePad presented much better. In tablet mode, the display provides extreme sensitivity to touch, but when used with a keyboard dock reduces its sensitivity’ and requires more frequent use of the mouse.

Asus EeePad Transformer is powered by Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor clocked at1GHz, 1GB RAM with the possibility to add another 1GB, 16GB disk space. Addition has two high speakers, two cameras – front and rear 5MPx to conduct video calls. Thanks to both batteries in tablet mode, you can surf the web via WiFi for the whole 8.5 hours.


Asus EeePad Transformer uses Android 3.0 HoneyComb, to which ASUS has added several clever, but not so significant changes. Icons are changed and added interesting active wallpaper, which is ice cubes that are in water. Thanks to highly sensitive sensors, water swaying even the slightest movement, but not all, the water level shows the battery level. Wide range of applications, gadgets and everything you need for your needs.

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