ARM reckon Intel’s mobile chips will have a 10% market share by 2015

Lava Xolo 900
Lava Xolo 900


You may remember, that the first smartphone to use an Intel Atom processor – the Xolo X900, has already been released on the market, though it has, at least so far, been quite unsuccessful and is still far from popular. Despite this fact, many experts say, that the phone is actually good enough to compete with some of the best Android devices of 2011 – the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Nexus, for instance, so it’s just a matter of time for other manufacturers to start using Intel’s chips in their smartphones too.

According to Warren East – CEO of ARM, Intel will reach a market share of about 5 to 10% on the smartphone market by 2015. On the other hand, his expectations for the Laptop market, where Intel is currently dominating, are for ARM to reach 10-20% for the same time period. Of course, as soon as 2015 might seem, it’s very hard to predict how the mobile device market is going to look by then, not to mention mobile devices themselves. B. A.

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