Apple trying to stop the websites, which offer beta versions of iOS 6

iOS 6

iOS 6


Apple are well known for their secrecy and the lengths to which they go in order to keep any information about the project, they’re working on, to leave the company. It seems, though, that this is more true about the hardware than the software – which is, of course, only logical, considering that the company has to send out beta versions of their platform to software developers before they’re officially released and they can’t control them as tight as they can their own employees.

Some companies, though, have even gone as far as selling the beta versions, which are only meant to be used by developers. Until recently Apple didn’t really seem to care about these sort of things, but it turns out they do – with iOS 6 the company is going to try and put an end to this. The reason behind Apple’s actions is protection of their intellectual property and the way they’re planning to stop companies, which are in violation of their rules is by stopping their whole websites by contacting directly the host company. B. A.

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