Apple May Begin Production of a 7.85″ iPad This Summer

Apple's New Tablet
Apple’s New Tablet


It’s not the first time we’re hearing about Apple supposedly working on a smaller tablet, but according to Digitimes, this time they really are close to revealing such a device. According to the site’s sources, the components for the new iPad are already being tested and even though production hasn’t started yet, it may begin in just a few months.

The rumors state, that the smaller tablet is going to cost less than $300, which would make it a direct competitor to the Nook Tablet and the Kindle Fire – two of the most popular Android tablets at the moment. Of course, there is also the fact, that Steve Jobs himself has denied any rumors about Apple working on a smaller iPad, because it would mean removing some of the interface’s key elements, but then again, 7.85″ should be more than enough to provide a good user experience. B. A.

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