Android update for HTC Touch Pro2

This is currently the best working version we can get going on the HTC Touch Pro2 (Rhodium). It is far from complete, but every day the XDAndroid Devs have breakthroughs which bring us closer to a full working port. Full data is working (although it shows my ATT as “Cingular” still, and sometimes literally shows my network as “AT&T?”), including Marketplace, Geo-Locations, and all Sync options.

  • NEW Mar 08 3D Finally working(ish) Will not show Nexus boot screen, or some other 3D apps that require LOTS of RAM. (Remove cmdline “hw3d.force=1” from your startup.txt to go back to the old settings and get your splash screen back)
  • NEW Mar 08 New system.sqsh from babijoee, includes Home++ (you can still select standard Android Home as default)
  • NEW Mar 08 New Startup Utility! (Thanks pieteckhart and DaveShaw, woulda never gotten done otherwise) No more multiple downloads, keyboard selection tool will load

Android ROMs for HTC Windows Mobile powered devices:
Touch Pro2 (GSM)
Touch Pro2 (CDMA – must take SIM card out) (thanks MrPippy)
Touch Diamond2/Pure
Touch HD
Touch Pro/Fuze (GSM)
Touch Pro (CDMA)
Touch Diamond (GSM)
Touch Diamond (CDMA)

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