Android OS running on the HTC Universal (Qtek 9000)

Kernel is still 2.6.21-hh20
Android version: 0.8

It is a very-very-very ALPHA version:  no touch screen, you can only use the built-in keyboard.  Slow as the hell (because of it is only version 0.8).  Screen driver is not very Android friendly:  the displayed picture does some little jumpings (you can see it on the video above).
Nothing works:
GSM-it connects to the network (my friend could ring me, but I didn’t see anything on the screen, such as “XY calling you…” and I couldn’t aswer with the keys). Outgoing calls: they do not work (Android says: Calling…. and then you get back to the dial pad)
BT/WiFi-I didn’t find any setting to control them. I think, it is because of the version of Android.

Programs included in this version of Android:
-Maps: without WiFi and GSM it is equal to nothing
-Browser: same as Maps
-Developer Apps: nothing special
-Dialing: explained above
-Contacts: nothing

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