Android Market Is Dead. Long Live Google Play!


Google Play
Google Play


Google have decided to take drastic measures in order to make all of their different distribution services available through the same application. From now on there will be no Android Market, no Google Books and no Google Music. All of these services are going to be combined and called Google Play, with all of the content available at the same place, not divided into different sections, like it was in the Market.

Not only is Google Play going to offer books and music, but you’ll also be able to rent and watch movies through Google Play Movies. Aside from the new interface, though, there are really not that many changes in the application. Some services are still going to be unavailable for a number of countries and, worst of all, Google Play Music is still going to be restricted to the US. Still there are some nice new features, like the “cloud” feature – being able to access the content, you have bough, not only through your phone, but also through your browser. It’s going to appear automatically on every phone, which is running Android 2.2+ in the recent future and will replace the Android Market application. B. A.

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