Android hacked and running on Samsung Omnia

With a nice big 3.2″ touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera, and 624mhz CPU, the Samsung Omnia wasn’t a bad piece of hardware when it was released last year. Hell, it still outspecs most phones released today. Hardware-wise, it’s set – but on the software front, it’s luke-warm garbage. The TouchWiz interface helps a little, but deep down inside it’s still clunky ol’ Windows Mobile 6.1.

Well, a handful of handy hackers might soon fix the Omnia’s software. How? Android! It’s still in an early (read: not working) stage, but they’ve managed to get it to start up and provide some basic level of functionality. Best part? You don’t even need to flash your handset; they’ve got it running right off the SD card. If they manage to knock out some of the kinks and blast out a few drivers for the device, this could get really interesting.

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