Android 2.4 – possibly a version of Honeycomb for phones?

Multiple online sources were saying that Android 2.4 would be called Ice Cream to go along with the dessert-flavored names for the different builds of Google’s open source mobile OS.  The Google VP recently told the guys at Tech Crunch that the name of Android 2.4 will be Ice Cream Sandwich.

An interesting theory about Android 2.4 has been shared by IntoMobile. The idea here is that Ice Cream Sandwich will be a version of Honeycomb for phones. Andy Rubin has stated that Honeycomb would be meant for tablets but be compatible for both tablets and smartphones. With the smaller sized screens on a phone, the Honeycomb OS might not produce images that would work on say, a 4.3 inch screen as opposed to a tablet sized display. Of course, all of these theories just might be getting way ahead of things. After all, Android 2.3 has yet to be downloaded to all appropriate Android handsets that meet the system requirements.

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