Android – some of the major factors

Ever since its launch into the mainstream market, Android mobile phones have taken by the world by storm. HTC magic is one such android mobile. It is a Google Android powered handset. You can avail this exclusively on Vodafone network. HTC Magic comes with QWERTY Keyboard integrated by its precursor providing it with a smooth and elegant design. The HTC Magic comprises of a 3.2 inch touch screen which comes with high quality resolution and a Track Ball which offers navigation of different sorts like Google apps. It also comes with a 3.2 megapixel camera, web kit browser, WiFi, HSDPA and a GPS receiver. Many other applications are free as they are hosted by Google Android Market Place.

Cell Phone Network – 3G, a Key player:

Cell phone networking has evolved to a great extent. Cell phone network can be referred to 3 different generations of development. 3G networking is the latest to join the bandwagon wireless cell phone networking. As the name suggests, 3G is the latest in a series of technological advancements in cell phone networking. The first two being, the First Generation (1G) and the Second Generation (2G) in cell phone communication technology.

3G is a term which is best used to illustrate the most modern generation of cell phone services. 3G services will be providing sophisticated and high speed voice communications and data connectivity over what many are experiencing now. The technological advancements as far as 3G is concerned can be defined as an extended and high speed admittance to the Internet, greater flexibility of mobile data applications such as multimedia content, streaming music and video, video-conferencing and 3D downloadable games. In a 3 network, the connection speed can increase up to 3 times faster than a 56K dial-up modem connection to 2.4Mbps.

Mobile Phone Hacking – A Major Concern for Many:

Cell phone users are going to double up within the next two decades. Already, there are four hundred and fifty billion Smartphone users throughout the world. The lowering of cell phone prices and the huge popularity of Internet wireless can be considered as constituting factors for the significant rise in android mobile users.

We, now, are in a timeframe wherein hacking has become a common act. Hackers, using tools and techniques, steal valuable information from various multimedia devices and PC’s. Mobile phone hacking too has caught up.

Hackers have been throughout history. In the early days of computer hacking, these hackers used to hack systems for fun and fame. They managed to create chaos leading major companies to troubles. As time evolved, hackers began to realize profit in their acts. They started hacking for monetary purposes too. Hacking can traced down up to the latest craze in the world, the iPhone. Criminal hackers are looking to find tools and techniques by which they will be able to hack these Smartphones.

One of the major viruses used by most hackers is “Red Browser”. It was created particularly to taint mobile phones by means of Java. It can be installed directly on a phone in case of allowance of any physical admission. It can also be sent as malicious software in the form of harmless download. Bluetooth and Infrared are two major susceptible sources. The hacker can tenuously access the phone and its features, such as the camera and microphone using this Red Browser virus.

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