Amazing Features of HTC Evo 4G

It is not enough for any handset to be called as the first handset to launched 4G. The HTC Evo 4G is also one of the best android phones that was launched in the market. Some people may also say that it is one of the best Android phones compare to all. Maybe because it is the fastest android phone today with its 1 GHz Snapdragon processor or its amazing 4.3 inch LCD screen. There is so much to love about this new android phone made by HTC. This smart phone was the first to have a 4G feature and has lots of different android application that you can enjoy. It can increase your productivity as well as enhance your personal life. If you want to learn and know more about this new android with 4G features, you can visit different HTC Evo forums.

This smartphone is capable of multi tasking that most people are looking for. In this time of fats pace environment, you need a hone that can lets to talk while allowing you to access some data as well as data connection. This feature can really save a lot of time when it comes to online meetings. You can also save travelling expenses. Because of the 4G feature, it can also allow you to download large files in just a matter of few seconds. The download is ten times faster compared to 3G phones. This sprint services can be added to any data plan. It also has a GPS service that can give you a turn by turn direction when driving of the road. Aside from fining the right direction and turns, you can also quickly find restaurants and other places like hotel while you are travelling in unfamiliar places. There is also a sprint TV that you can access for new reports, weather update and sport news. You can access wide array of Google application such as YouTube.

The HTC Evo has lots of features compare to other smart phones. Another good thing about this phone is that you can manage the power usage of the phone to increase the battery life. You can be able to see which application use more battery power. You can minimize the use of this application whenever you need to increase the battery life of your phone especially when travelling. The applications that usually consume the most battery power are Bluetooth, WIFI connection, GPS as well as 4G. You can turn off all these features off when not in use to extent the battery life of your phone. You can now purchase this amazing and one if a kind first 4G phone with android OS for $199.00 together with a two contract with sprint. You can experience all the best features and applications of the phone by signing a two contract with sprint. There are companies that will allow you to test the phone right before buying to be able to experience all of the amazing features of this 4G Smartphone.

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