A software hack can improve the Galaxy SIII’s camera

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III


The new Samsung Galaxy S III has managed to show us, that it can shoot impressive photos and videos, but there is also room for improvement, especially when a skilled developer decides to tweak around. hyperX is just this kind of developer – he is known for his many software improvements for the Omnia HD and Galaxy S II and now he has set out to modify the S III. So far he has managed to get the device to record 1080p HD video with 30Mbit along with 192kbit audio recording. He has also added options for 24Mbit and 18Mbit video recording at Full HD resolution and 19Mbit, 15Mbit and 10Mbit bitrates for 720p video recording. Sadly though, his attempts at adding 60FPS slow-motion video capture to the Galaxy S III have thus far turned out to be unsuccessful.


The developer has however managed to add some other features, such as the ability to start the camera, while you’re on a call and even to snapping photos while shooting a video, using the volume buttons.  Samsung’s restriction for starting the camera, when you have got less than 15% battery has also been removed. Of course, in order to install the modification, root access is going to be required. B. A.

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