7 Excellent Web Apps to Help You Study

If there is one thing that is changing rapidly in a typical student’s life, it is the growing numbers o students that are using web applications as study tools. In fact, an entire market is growing up around the creation apps specially designed to help students. The styles and portability of these apps may vary but they all provide some added conveniences to the student who wishes they could be better organized and study more effectively. In this post, you will get a chance to see 7 excellent web apps to help you study.

1. Evernote – This note-taking app can be used to sync notes between the internet, your cell phone, and any computer. Additionally, it allows you to save text, audio, and images such as screenshots or camera photos. Everything is kept available and can be easily referenced. With all of these features, you can use Evernote to create comprehensive classroom notes for research and study. It will also allow you to use application like Twitter to deliver information.

2. StudyRails – If you have difficulties with study or can’t concentrate when it is time to study because of distractions then the StudyRails app is a perfect option. This websites allows users to schedule study time and alerts them (by text message) when their pre-appointed study time has arrived. If you find reasons to hold off on getting homework or other classroom assignments done, StudyRails has a feature that allows you to block out sites that cause your attention to wander and other apps that steal your time during a designated study period.

3. Delicious – Well known as a popular bookmarking application on the web, Delicious is ideal for gathering all of the online resources that you may be using in a class, project, or specific paper under a specific tag. It is a very simple app to use and can help to keep you organized so you are struggling to get things together for class—which also leaves you more time to study.

4. Google Docs – It may be fair to say that Google Docs is perhaps one of the best online word processing and spreadsheets applications available today. It has also been appropriated by students for its excellent collaborative features that allow a group of students to work together on group assignments. This app also provides two distinctive features over content-rich applications like MS Word and the other Office program: One, it is free to use, and two, it is accessible anywhere so you have added mobility.

5. CiteMe – Capitalizing on the popularity of the social networking platform, the Facebook application CiteMe allows you to search the world’s largest library catalog by author, title, subject, or ISBN. It also allows you to retrieve citations for use in your term papers and other research progress. These are available in a variety of formats including Turbian style, APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard.

6. Web Seavus Dropmind – The interest in organizational tools such called mind maps led to development of applications that will let you construct them from scratch. There is definitely some value in having a visual representation of any classroom-related material. It has been shown that having schemes and mind maps allows you to study more efficiently than traditional note taking along. The major reason is that a visual model can help you grasp certain concepts must easier as well let you remember it with less trouble.

7. GradeMate – GradeMate is yet another good web app that is basically a free online organizer that was designed with students in mind. Using it, you will be able to manage your due dates, create customized to-do lists, monitor your grades, as well as collaborate with fellow students who are also users

Such web apps are growing in number and in specialization. Having them available for study use in academic spheres is only one usage among many potential ones.

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