2D/3D driver pack beta 2 for MSM720X devices


Here is a list of threads discussing / devving a driver or performance:

Testing Team
Let’s get these MSM devices performing the way they should! What we need is people who know about OpenGL ES and the Windows Mobile OS, and willing to contribute in development. We’re currently testing the Twin’s Libgles_cm.dll combined with OpenVG and Ati drivers. With that, there’s also Windows Mobile 6.5 coming, with probably updated drivers and core. All these factors need to be taken in account, and that’s what we’re currently researching.

This new 2D hardware driver development started by Khronos for mobile devices in 2008. Currently, we’ve managed to get a few files from the Quartz which seem to enable the openVG capabilities in the Xperia, and the Diamond seems affected by it. It seems heavily dependable on DDI so it may or may not work with your device.

NeoS2007 Driver pack BETA 2:
Installation: Disable Manila or Titanium before installing the cabfile. It’s to make sure there are no files in use when copying the files. Reported working devices so far: HTC Touch Diamond, Raphael, Blackstone, Sony Ericsson X1.

Download and info

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