20 Free Symbian Games


Most of us, know that when we are buying a smartphone we don’t want it only for phone calls, mobile users expect that it will replace our computer when we aren’t at home. All of the newest smartphones are enough powerful to compare with a cheaper personal computer and you can play different interesting with good graphic games. So that, Nokia has a new tactic to gets some fans and customers. Buy any of the Symbian 3^ devices and get 20 free games – that is the latest promotion from the company and it will definitely appeal to all gamers because there are a lot of exclusive games in this “pack”.

Here we show you some of them:

Guitar Rock Tour 2 HD , James Cameron’s Avatar HD , Angry Birds, The Settlers HD, Assassin’s Creed HD, GT Racing: Motor Academy HD, Spiderman HD, Hero of Sparta HD and much more. You can find how to get the offer in the official Nokia site and also, you will see the full list of games.

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