2 great iPad 2 cases


The Griffin Survivor case is one of the first to rival the renowned Otterbox cases; due to its 4 layers of protection – a polycarbonate front and back complete with built in screen protector; a silicone case that goes over the top and desk stand which is housed in the case.  So not only do you get complete protection, but you also have the option of using your iPad 2 at various angles with the desk stand.


The Handstand Rotating Holder pretty much does what it says on the tin – it’s an iPad 2 holder which has a hand strap attached to the back of it, allowing you to use your iPad 2 on the go.  It’s nifty for those who tour exhibitions or who are constantly on the move all day and it’s available in black, pink or white.  Just don’t forget to look where you’re going when you use it!

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