WM6.5 cooked ROM for HTC Universal (Qtek 9000)


Rom Version: 2.65.01 (based on the OEM)
Rom Date: 24.04.2009
OS: 5.2.21501 Build 21501.5.0.70
Page Pool: 4 MB (i think this is enough – WM6.5 needs more ram to work with)

So inside is:

HTC Animation (Rhodium port)
HTC Comm Manager (Rhodium port)
HTC Calculator (Rhodium port)
Esmertec Jbed 20081203 (includes gmail and opera mini)
HTC Task Manager 2.1 35539 (provided by sun_dream)
Vijay Candella
Changed the icons for the most common tasks in taskbar (these look more slick IMO)

This is full 21501 VGA WWE Port which means that adobe flash and IE6 are included.OEM softweare is the common for this device so thats why i do not mention it.


Original thread @ xda-developers

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